For professionals…Sean’s upcoming workshop on working with Addiction

March 31, 2019

Hello fellow clinicians!

I will be holding a 3 hour workshop this coming July 17 in London, Ontario on working with Addiction as part of the 60th Annual Institute on Addiction Studies.

I am also planning on holding the same workshop in Toronto in the Fall of 2019.


Making Connections Going Deeper: A Clinician’s Guide to Working Deeply with Addiction, Loss and Grieving
Sean Meggeson MA, RP
Psychoanalyst, Donald Meltzer once said that addiction is “slavery to a bad object.” As clinicians how do we get truly close enough to our clients to understand addiction as an object loss? How do we get even closer to help clients understand and process deep, painful loss in an effort to grieve. This workshop will present clinical theory and utilize in vivo role-playing with participants, to help clinicians build skills to get to the heart of healing addiction with the purpose of supporting self growth in both the therapist and the client. Some topics to be discussed: healthy regression and healing. aggression vs. acting out: loving clients vs. merely supporting clients; and, realistic healing vs. myths of healing.